We are committed to cattle welfare as part of the culture of organic dairy farming, which we believe also contributes to our product quality. We raise our organic dairy cows in a low density environment with organic feed using no growth hormones.

Organic farms

The Group has established 13 organic dairy farms and the Group is now constructing 6 additional organic dairy farms in the Ulan Buh desert and its hinterland. The Group also had over 40000 organic dairy cows. Our organic dairy cows have an average living space of 60 to 80 square meters per cow. All of our farms are free stall farms with easy access to food and water, clean and comfortable dry sand bedding and spacious sport fields that allow our dairy cows to eat, drink and relax freely. A majority of our dairy farms have a capacity to house between 2,500 to 4,500 dairy cows. We believe that the size of our farms enables us to enjoy economies of scale without over-burdening the environment.